Best Beaches in Singapore You Must Visit Today

If you’re trapped in a cold place and are longing to laze on a warm beach with the waves lapping at your feet, you need to visit Singapore. The fabulous beaches of Singapore, whether natural or manmade, are absolutely beautiful and must-visit, each one of them. Singapore is a sun-lover’s paradise, with stretches and stretches of sun-kissed white sands bordering waters of the deepest azure-blue. Here’s a list of the best beaches in Singapore. Itching to book your tickets yet? 

Beaches On Sentosa Island

Sentosa is Singapore’s weekend escape haunt, full of rides and thrills and idyllic beaches. Three of Singapore’s best manmade beaches are on Sentosa Island. That’s literally 3.2 kilometers of blissful sun-kissed sands, imported from nearby countries.  Your feet will love the soft fake grass, while your body will sigh in blissful pleasure at the feel of the warm, clear waters.    

Palawan Beach

Palawan Beach is entirely manmade –white sugar sands bordering a small island off of Sentosa, dotted with swaying palm trees and beach bars. There’s even a suspension bridge that links this small island to Sentosa! You can walk across the bridge, or take the shuttle tour to get to Palawan Beach. Palawan Beach is famous for its pirate themed park, complete with wooden beam towers, a pirate ship and treasure boxes and fake grass. There’s also a Port of the Lost World theme water park here, so do take your kids for Singapore holidays to enjoy this beach.

Tanjong Beach

Tanjong Beach is secluded and away from Sentosa’s brisk daytime activities. This is a beach much preferred by those who love relaxing on the sands in the daytime. Tanjong Beach is a lovely crescent-shaped paradise with warm, soft sands under your feet, shallow warm waters and tall palm trees all around. The Tanjong Beach Club is a popular daytime haunt, with deck loungers, a large swimming pool and never-ending menu of drinks! The club is known for its raucous parties at times during nighttime though.

Siloso Beach

Siloso Beach is more oriented towards families and group fun. You can take your kids there for some cool beach football, canoeing, banana rides and volleyball. It’s the perfect beach for a weekend-long family picnic, with plenty of hotels, bars, restaurants and shops along the beach. 

Beaches on the Mainland

There are plenty of beaches on the Singapore mainland as well, if Sentosa is not your thing. Here they are:

Punggol Beach

The Punggol Beach is a quiet, private coastal park beach that is a bit out of the way, but well worth the visit. You can take a shuttle from the Punggol MRT Station and get there in no time at all. This beach has romantic walking trails, a jetty perfect for fishing and sweet little ponds just right for a picnic. For those desiring a little privacy, there’s a nice little deserted beach, from which you can watch beautiful sunsets over Malaysia.  

St John’s Island

St. John’s Island is well-known for its lovely beaches and excellent facilities for beach-lovers. You can get to the outlying St. John’s Island via a ferry from the World Trade Centre.  Facilities provided include plenty of picnic spots, sanitary facilities, changing rooms, shops and eateries serving the best of seafood. What’s more, you can rent a bungalow on the island and enjoy some tranquil night time on the beach. 

Changi Beach

The 28-hectare Changi Beach is more of a leisure park, where you can enjoy a peaceful holiday with family and friends. There are plenty of camping and barbequing facilities as well, for outdoor cookouts and picnics. There are long, narrow biking and running strips for those who love their beach exercise. Being close to the Changi Airport, this beach is a great place to spot airplanes taking off and landing. 

Lazarus Beach

Lazarus Island contains some of the best beaches in Singapore.  This island is connected to St. John’s Island via a concrete walkway. Most people use the walkway to get to St. John’s, and don’t bother with the pristine beaches on Lazarus Island itself. There’s a long, lovely stretch of untouched white sand beach with swaying tropical palm trees on Lazarus Island. There are plenty of footpaths for walking and biking, along with several eateries serving exotic seafood and beach pavilions for visitors to enjoy. 

Kusu Island Beach

There are many unexplored beaches on Kusu Island, so take your time when you visit this place. This island is home to a Turtle Sanctuary, where hundreds of turtles are bred. The beaches are clear and pristine, surrounded by lush greenery and the whitest sand. There are plenty of beach shelters and cabanas to rest up in after a brisk swim.  Beach camping is not allowed though. 

Pulau Ubin Beach

Pulau Ubin Beach, located on the island of Pulau Ubin is one of Singapore’s most treasured beaches.  Apart from clear blue waters and fine soft sands, this beach also offers a peaceful, village-like atmosphere. It’s the best place to go to if you want a brief escape from Singapore’s hustle and bustle. Be sure to enjoy the authentic local seafood delicacies, especially the local fish and octopi. Check out the secluded, private beaches, lush plantations and amazing architectural pieces as well. Be sure to visit the famous Chek Jawa wetland beaches for some local wildlife. Pulau Ubin Beach is a good place to pick up some locally-made souvenirs and to go biking or walking. 

East Coast Park Beach

East Coast Park Beach is busy, and buzzing with people and activities. This beach is Singapore’s second-most popular beach, next to Sentosa. Best to visit this beach on a weekday, if you want some privacy.  Grab your bicycle, beach gear, and some money and get ready to spend the weekend at the East Coast Park Beach. Enjoy buying trinkets at the beach stalls and load up on some fabulous seafood. You can camp here overnight if you have a permit from the East Coast Park Beach authority.

Pasir Ris Park Beach

Pasir Ris Park Beach is great for fitness freaks, with its well-laid out biking and walking paths. You’ll find several wetlands on the way here, offering a chance to spot some local wildlife. There’s a nice beach as well, perfect for family barbeques and picnics. Pasir Ris Park is situated close to the last stop of Singapore’s East West MRT line. 



Singapore has a beach to fit every visitor’s dream of what a beach should be. There are beautiful, neatly manicured beaches and there are rustic beaches, more reminiscent of village life. There are sophisticated beaches with picnic facilities, and there are private, desolated beaches just right for the romantic at heart. Whether you want just to escape for the day, or spend an entire weekend at a beach, you can find the beach that’s just right for you.  What’s topping about Singapore’s beaches is that they are perfect all year around. There’s no time of the year that’s not right to visit one of Singapore’s beaches. Though November to early March is considered the best time for Singapore holidays, the city’s beaches are open all year around.  


Best Underwater hotels & Restaurants of the World

When it comes to experiencing the weirdest, the craziest and the unimaginable; man has made many wonders that satisfy his adrenaline rush. The concept of underwater hotels, in all probabilities, is a result of wanting to experience the adrenaline rush of living in the same space as the mighty and beautiful underwater creatures. 

Here’s a list of some of the best underwater hotels of the world.

Water Discus Hotel, Dubai

Arguably the luxury capital of the world, Dubai has this beautiful hotel built in water. With both under and above water portion of this hotel, it gives you an amazing view of the underwater fauna as well as the comfort of sunbath in the sunbathing deck above water. Built to look like a cluster of UFOs, this hotel has a lavish lobby, a training pool for scuba diving, and 21 luxurious rooms underwater with a breathtaking view.

Atlantis the Palm, Dubai

Well suited to the king of seas, the underwater suites at the Atlantis are a work of art and aristocracy. With glass windows from ceiling to floor, you wake up in the luxurious suite with a view of the beautiful aquatic life under the sea. With over 65,000 marine animals, the suites sprawled over three storey’s, boasts of interconnecting bedrooms, a large open-plan living and dining room, a TV room and a private lift. You can also go scuba diving and have a view of your suite from the outside. It is the most romantic and intimate lodging experience you can experience, as long as you don’t have nightmares about sharks.

The Manta Resort, Pemba

Located in the beautiful waters near Tanzania, the Manta Resort is a floating structure that is Swedish engineered and provides four levels of amazing accommodation. Watch shoals of reef fish swimming by as you dive in the turquoise blue waters. With a roof to have a sunbath lazily during the day and to gaze at the starlight at night wondering the clarity of planets and stars above, this hotel ensures an experience of tranquility and bliss. With almost 360 degrees of viewing, watch the exquisite marine life from the comfort of your bedroom. The underwater spotlight under each window attracts beautiful marine life such as squids and other fishes. Also, marine life such as corals, have already settled on the anchoring lines of the underwater structure. 

Lovers Deep, Caribbean

Offering an all new experience, the Lovers Deep is a fully functional submarine that will act as your abode. This super luxurious submarine is specially built keeping in mind the comfort of its guests. With aphrodisiac menu which includes everything from chocolate fondant to oysters, this hotel makes sure it would be a lifetime experience. With the butler, chef, and the captain of the submarine occupying separate living rooms that are soundproof at the other end of the vessel, you can have a romantic time with your loved one. This submarine dives 650 feet under water for you to have scenic view of the beautiful aquatic life of the Caribbean.

Utter Inn, Sweden

Call it a floating underwater hotel or an aquarium for you to sleep in; this hotel is a brainchild of a local artist. Though, this hotel has a single room under the water, it has twin beds and a table. The bathroom is located upstairs. The hotel also has a basic kitchen upstairs with a 10 liter water container, refrigeration options, and LPG heating facility. Though you can’t go out fishing in the lake, you can definitely enjoy the beautiful view of the marine life under water from the panoramic windows in all four directions. You can also use the inflatable canoe to visit the closest uninhabited island.

Apeiron Island Hotel, Dubai

Designed to house 438 luxury suites, the Apeiron is a design concept seven star hotel with 28 floors. The Apeiron will have an underwater restaurant with a crescent lagoon complete with corals, fishes, and seaweeds. You can dine and relax viewing the beautiful aquatic life under water. The Apeiron will have a health club and spa, a helipad, an outdoor garden, and a butterfly jungle 200m above the sea level.

Jules undersea lodge

Built originally as La Chalupa under water research laboratory to explore the shelf of the coast of Puerto Rico, this lodge gives you an opportunity to view the rich aquatic life. The natural lagoon of mangroves acts as a natural breeding nursery for many reef fishes. You can also view the beautiful undersea life using the underwater gear provided by Jules along with unlimited supply of oxygen cylinders. Designed to look futuristic this is the first undersea lodge that is actually a research lab. Surprisingly, the entrance to the underwater lodge is through a five by seven foot pool. The water doesn’t rise and fill up the rooms as the lodge is filled with compressed air. You can book a Pizza lunch or choose to stay overnight to enjoy an experience of a lifetime at the Jules undersea lodge.

Conrad Hilton, Maldives

Set on a private island in the Indian Ocean alongside, Conrad Hilton boasts of a complete underwater glass restaurant for dining. With over 20000 bottles of wine and over 101 types of cheese, slip into the world of delicacy. Enjoy the mesmerizing view of the underwater marine life while dining. Enjoy the four-course lunch or the six-course dinner while gazing at the shoals of fishes and sharks. You can also book this restaurant for a private breakfast, wedding or other special occasion. 

The Shimao Wonderland, China

Built in an abandoned quarry, this hotel is under construction which has some rooms underwater. To be run as a flagship project by Intercontinental Hotels Group, this hotel will feature facilities for some extreme sports, a visitor center, and five star hotel facilities with some under water rooms. Extreme sports such as bungee jumping and rock climbing will be based on a structure that will be supported from the rock face. The hotel boasts of over 400 beds capacity along with a conference room for up to 1000 people and also two underwater floors that will house a swimming pool and other water sports facility. Also, other rooms and a restaurant will face the aquarium which will be at the depth of ten meters. 

Cresent Hydropolis, Dubai

Considered to be one of the biggest modern constructions in the world, the Cresent Hydropolis is being built on an area of 260 hectares. With a planned 220 luxury suites, this hotel is designed on human structure with different function regions like restaurants, bars, the meeting areas and theme suites all representing the motor systems, heart, nervous systems, and the sinus loop. Even though due to financial constraints the last levels of the hotel’s completion is unsure, the makers are positive that they will be able to greet over 3500 guests on an average daily once it is open.

These state of art and unique hotels offer an opportunity to live a day or more of your life in a different way, literally. If you can afford it, you must not miss it might be the most exciting experience of your lifetime.


Most useful apps for a solo traveler you must have on your Gadget

Travelling solo was a matter of great concern a few years back but now with the technological advancement, solo travelling is no more a reason to worry. Travelers today can get every practical and useful information about their destination well in advance on their cell phones and gadgets through some great applications (apps). If you are planning to travel, here are some must have apps especially for a solo traveler.


• Organize your travel with – Travel List

Use this easy app to ensure you don’t forget your essentials before leaving for your destination. The app allows you to add reminders to pack up things at the last minute like passports, toothbrushes etc. It has neat segregation of categories and sections to help making your list flawless.


• Your very own fast browser- Opera Mini

The biggest turnoff can be your browser taking endless turns when there’s an info you need urgently. Download opera Mini browser. It shrinks the data by almost up to 90 % and makes your pages open faster. With pages opening quickly, you not only save time but also money on your data plan.


• Compare the flights with Hopper

A super app that analyzes billions of flights every day and predicts the ideal time to catch a flight. It specializes in picking up those few historic moments when the prices drop below the average rates. For travelers with a flexible date itinerary, it offers the color- coded calendar that helps you spot the cheapest days in a month. It also offers a ‘Watch Flight’ feature that allows you to push flight alerts, weather delays and terminal info etc.


• Book a cheap accommodation and car rentals easily with Kayak

The next best thing you can use an app  for besides the flights comparison, is to book a decent hotel at cheapest price range and arrange your transport at the best price. Use Kayak that compares your hotels, flights and car rental deals and allows you to book the best deal suiting your needs and budget.


• Get all your travel details at one place with TripIt

 Open the TripIt app on your mobile while travelling and you’re instantly updated with all your trip details like the hotels, flights, maps, car rentals, directions and lot more. You can also share your travel plans on social media sites through this app.


• Know the lingo with iStone Travel

Sometimes asking the directions for washroom or ordering a simple sandwich can be a very difficult task when you don’t have the idea of the local language. Use the iStone travel app that allows you to record numerous sentences and translates it into over 12 different languages with its local pronunciation to ensure you never get stuck. It already has over 300 pre- recorded phrases and it works even without a Wi-Fi. 


•Never get lost with Google Maps

Still one of your best options to explore new roads, Google Maps offers you best traffic updates, 360 street views on city tours, a turn by turn voice guarded GPS navigation (the best in class) and public transit details like no other. This easy to navigate mobile app makes you a pro in directions.


• Connect with the locals through Tripr

This excellent social travel app lets you bypass the tourist guides and connect with the locals to know the best places to visit that helps you capture the essence of the destination. The app also helps track like-minded travel buddies, connect with them and share experiences.


•Stay connected with your friends and family through WhatsApp Messenger

One of the most famous apps for real- time texting, pics and video sharing, WhatsApp Messenger eliminates the need of sending paid SMSes and requires a simple 3G internet or a Wi-Fi connection. It keeps you updated with the latest happenings with your family and friends and also helps them keep a track of your whereabouts.


• For any medical emergencies trust ICE

The last thing anyone wants is to have medical issues while on a travel. While it’s best to be positive, you must always be ready for any medical emergencies, especially if you’re travelling solo. ICE app helps you to store all your medical history, insurance details, your regular doctor’s primary details. Not only can these details be translated in 10 different languages, they can be accessed even if your phone is locked.


• Organize your finances during the trip with Mint

The Mint app helps you control your expenses, keep you in sync with your planned budget by regularly updating your expenses on the trip. Its ‘read- only’ service makes the app completely secure and does not allow you or anybody else to shift funds from the accounts.


•Get the best of the local things with Gogobot

Covering a wide range of cities around the world, Gogobot brings you the best of things to do, eat and travel to of a particular city. This is a comprehensive local travel app that offers best activity and travel suggestions for all kinds of travelers. You can also search the best restaurants, eateries and nearby points of interest.


•Dine out at the best of the destination with OpenTable

An app that not only finds out the best of the local restaurants serving your favorite dishes, it also shows you its menu options and prices. You can also book your reservation to many of the restaurants directly from the app. The app not only satisfies your hunger of good food but also suggests you things to try out.


A good travel becomes great when you are relaxed, and these practical apps helps you stay relaxed and enjoy your trip to its best. But there’s always a very fine line between apps helping you enjoy your trip and apps destroying your moments. So ensure you don’t get too involved in apps. Your personal experiences are your biggest exploration and travel apps should only play assistive role in it. 



The science behind travel changing your personality

Life is a journey that only stops when you die. And if you are not dead yet, don’t stop travelling.


The constant urge to hit the road, the insatiable desire of wanderlust, and the suffocating feeling of staying at one place all your life, now has a scientific explanation.

It is now scientifically proved that travel apart from making some beautiful new memories actually helps a person in many different ways. It transforms your personality based on your experiences, learnings, and further increases your intellect, along with opening up your dimensions. Intrigued? Read on.

 What travel does to you is what causes the positive transformations in your personality. Here are some of the major changes travel brings into you.


Dusts out the dirt from your Creativity

A different culture plays a very important role here. A study from the Academy of Management Journal made a finding that people who work overseas are more creative and imaginative than the ones residing in their own country. When you adopt to a new culture and take some learnings, you tend to be more creative in the long run. The logic behind it is that when you meet locals of a different place and do as they do, you tend to think in a different way and tend to see things contrarily. This enhances your cognitive flexibility. The more cognitively flexible you are, the more creative you become.


Your trust factor increases

The more you travel around the world, the more trusting you become. This is because as you travel, the judgements that you have in your mind changes when you see the truth. The more you see the good in the world your mind opens and you see that people are just trying to do the right thing. Although, one might feel that a bad experience may decrease the trust factor, the truth is that you become better in solving problems, analyzing the situations and their reactions too.

This happens because when you travel, you face many situations that you probably won’t face in your place. Also, the emotional quotient of comfortability of being at your own place does not exist so you become more careful and try to keep your calm in tough situations. This helps you to think for solutions and you become a better problem solver. Also, seeing another culture for a long period of time helps you open up to the world allowing you to comprehend that there are multiple ways of looking at things.


You get to know your capabilities and start valuing experience

Only when you travel, you realize how good are you at certain things. For example, if you visit Dubai, you might’ve read so many things to do in Dubai but only when you actually visit the place, you understand how many of them you’re actually able to carry out. There are places that are conventional and has rules that are the opposite of where you come from. The experience of doing what you never thought you would is too valuable and help you grow as a person.


Humility – An added bonus

You tend to become humbler as you travel. This is because when you meet people of different caste, creed, race, and religion you become more receptive and patient in communicating and understanding. This helps you become humble.


Increases your mental clarity

When you travel, you become sharper. The reason is simple, when you get out of the stale air in office in between greenery your mind opens up and freshens up. This in turn helps in increasing your understanding of things. A study published in the Environmental Psychology journal tells that if a person simply looks at nature’s photograph for 40 seconds, that will increase that person’s output in the next task performed.


You become an extrovert

It is often seen that when people travel, they tend to become more social and often score higher in the extrovert category. Even if you are an introvert, travelling will help you come out of your shell. This is because you have no choice but to speak to people of different culture and race. When you engage with new people, and start liking them, you start wearing an optimistic lens to see through. If you do it once, you don’t feel nervous and scary if you have to talk to new people the next time.


You become to become conscientious

There are two types of people, one who don’t have any plans, they just travel and drive themselves crazy with downtime. The others are extra cautious with the to-do lists and get exhausted catching up with the items in their list. The smart thing is to be in the middle. Neither of the extreme is too good an experience. This is what travel teaches you, to be conscientious.


You have a lot to share with

When you travel, you gain new experiences by meeting new people and the situations you face out there. This bank of experience that you gain has many stories to tell, some funny, some tense, and some real learnings. This is when people find you interesting as you can share your experiences with them. It becomes easier to hang o\out with people, which in turn increases the number of friends you have.



The biggest learning that travel offers to your personality, body, and mind is to live for the moment. You learn to enjoy every minute, every second of life because you know nothing is permanent. What we have now, we may never have it back again. Travel makes you independent of the tags of the society but at the same time makes you fiercely dependent on your instincts. Travel makes your mind and your heart, your best companion.